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  1. pho·bi·a (fō′bē-ə) n. 1. A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous. 2. A strong fear, dislike, or aversion. [From -phobia.] phobia (ˈfəʊbɪə) n (Psychiatry) psychiatry an abnormal intense and irrational fear of a.
  2. polyphobia: (pol'ē-fō'bē-ă), Morbid fear of many things; a condition marked by the presence of many phobias. [poly- + G. phobos, fear].
  3. Polyphobia is defined as the irrational fear of many things. Thus, the therapist helps the patient in replacing these irrational thoughts with more rational ones. The patients are helped out in analyzing and justifying the way they feel about getting exposed to their fear stimuli.
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  5. Polyphobia is the fear of many things. The origin of the word poly is Greek (meaning many) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Polyphobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is discussed on the home page. Polyphobia is also related to Panophobia or Panphobia or Pantophobia or Pamphobia (which are all the fear of everything).
  6. Polyphobia could have been initiated by fear of a particular thing which led one to fear things associated with the thing that they fear the most. For instance, one fears having fever or pyrexiophobia, this can lead to fear of getting sick or fear of having disease, fear of needles, fear of drugs, fear of doctors, fear of hospitals, fear of.
  7. Polyphobia: Introduction. Polyphobia: An exaggerated or irrational fear of lots of things. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of .